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AquaPetro Chemicals, A Proud division of The National Detergent Co. SAOG stands as a trailblazer in the realm of high-end chemical solutions, specialising in Oil and Gas fields, Industrial water treatment and an array of specialty products for process improvement across diverse industrial sectors.  Our commitment to research and development places us at the forefront of innovation, enabling us to craft bespoke chemical solutions for major players in Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Power Plants, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Fertilizers and Pesticides.



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National Detergent Company

The National Detergent Co. SAOG

The National Detergent Co. SAOG (NDC) is one of the leading manufacturing companies in the Sultanate of Oman. NDC manufactures and distributes a wide range of highly reputed and successful brands covering various segments like detergents powders, liquid detergents, soaps, shampoos, allied laundry aids and other household cleaners. It also has a Sulphonation division engaged in the business of manufacturing and selling LABSA.
The National Detergent Co. SAOG began manufacturing and marketing of soaps and detergents in 1981.It was established by Mr Abdul Hussain Bin Bhacker Al Lawati, founder and former chairman of the company. The major promoters of the company are The BSJ Group, Omzest Group (Omar Zawawi Establishment) and Al Anwar Investments SAOG, three prominent corporate establishments in Oman.

We Create Enhancement Additives & Chemicals

AquaPetro Chemicals stands as a trailblazer in the realm of high-end chemical solutions, Specialising in oil and gas fields, Industrial water treatment and an array of speciality products for process improvement in industrial sectors. Our solutions are used from common household to highly scientific applications.

APC also strives to make the world healthier, cleaner and sustainable by providing eco friendly products that do not harm our ecosystem.

Our Additives are used in:

Oil and gas field chemicals.                                         Industrial water solutions.
Industrial and institutional chemicals.                      Integrated energy additives.



From the Chairman Desk

From the COO Desk

AquaPetro Leadership

As Chairman, I am proud to lead a team dedicated to innovation, excellence, and sustainability in chemical manufacturing and services.

Mohammed Abdul Hussain Bhacker Al Lawati


As COO, I am committed to operational excellence and customer satisfaction at AquaPetro Chemicals, ensuring seamless production, delivery, and service.

Santhana Krishnan

COO – AquaPetro Chemicals.